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  • Jun 2017

My Lover Cindy, a song inspired by the series : The L Word

Photos : Marika Hackman, The L Word
By : Ruta
In a few years, a lot can change. Case in point, Marika Hackman, who is officially through with sun-dappled trees, wild country meadows, gently meandering rivers, floaty metaphors, and all of the pastoral floweriness of debut ‘We Slept At Last’. Her second record is a drastic departure from all that, binning off lyrical layers for straight talking, and plucked melodies for muscular riffs. It’s honestly difficult to believe that this same musician was once a darling of the folk scene, lauded for her well-mannered, intricately-crafted first record, and the collection of admittedly gran-suitable Christmas covers that came late last year. 
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The lovers that inspired the song @ The L Word
“There’s no room for modesty,” she says of ‘I’m Not Your Man’. “I know I like it.”