• @Tom News
  • Nov 2016

In The Room : Blooming love in a room, in Singapore

By : ชีวิตผมก็เหมือนหนัง

A film so hot, it got banned in it’s own country. Because other than the nudity, it also has plenty of cynical sneer toward corrupted political history in it’s own country, which earns it’s well deserved disapproval.

6 Love stories that happened in 27th room of Singapore Hotel. From senior gay lovers who discussed their future, and the day that the world is in turmoil of it’s second war. A gorgeous senior lady who taught sexual lessons to her juniors to take advantage of the misogynistic ‘50 era. A young music composer who fell in love with the hotel maid in the ‘60. Entering the ‘70 with the story of a thai couple, a transexual woman who traveled to singapore for a sex change operation surgery and decided to have sex as a last farewell to her genitalia. The ‘80 comes with a japanese lady and her intimate love with her boyfriend all day all night. Then in the present age, about friend who fell in love with the other friend. When a korean woman heart got broken, one of her friend brought her to singapore to forget all about it, but how optimistic could this end?

It’s atmosphere, the vibe, and the emotion that it portrayed on each arcs seem to be extremely different, and may cause the inconsistency in it’s storytelling. Strangely each actor has the same direction of acting, even though all of them has the character of their own. And with 6 arcs, unquestionably there should be at least a few that we likes. My personal favorite is the Korean’s arc, because of it’s real thick awkwardness in the air, and how lively the characters are. The scene where Choi Woo Shik flinching on his bed and full of tear. And my least fond part is where two foreign elderly in the beginning of the movie that was given so little love and effort to the scene, and has no significance meaning behind it, other than foreshadowing the state of singaporean society.

at first I tried to connect the possibility of the film satirical value that caused much of its controversy. But I found that it ruined the movie for me, It's better to let yourself go with the character, the story, and the emotion that it brings. Which turns it into a superb movie. It’s final twist and turn let us see singapore again in the final heartbeat, which is probably a more pessimistic note to end on, and its hellbent intention to pick on it’s government is quite ok for me. (probably)