• @Tom News
  • Oct 2016

Guk - Wannasuk Sirilha

Let us flashback a bit, to the day that indie movie would only tack a slight trend quietly in Thailand. But it is burst to fame for a moment with ‘Restless Corpse’, directing product of Tom Waller. And if you’re familiar with one particular monk in this movie, even though he is a mere secondary character, he delivered such a spectacular performance. We’re talking about ‘Guk - Wannasuk Sirilha’ an actor packed with talents, nominee and winner of Supannahong film award, for best male supporting actor in 2555. In fact, Guk isn’t a new face in film industry as he was famous in the stage play industry for ten years, and a prominent disciple of Lek - Pattarawadee Meetuchon’. Considered him more than qualified, a more than worthy candidate of Sassy Queer column!

Q: Kick off the cool life by learning Balinese language?

A: I graduated from Human Resource faculty in Thai-Balinese branch of Ramkamheang University. Actually I studied advertising first, because I aimed to be making television commercial, filming, dress professionally (laugh) I got it all wrong

Q: And how did it become a popular play “Last Night...Keanu Reeves kissed me”?

A: ‘Last Night… Keanu Reeves kissed me’… is my first solo stage play back at 2539. Before I made this play, I worked in Hansong charity campaign, it’s a gypsy-like stage play that take place at various schools, about water and electricity conservartion. Went on a tour spree, playing from morning, late, afternoon, till evening. Unmatched stamina I had (smile).

Q: Many may know you from your film ‘Mindful and Murder’ that won a Thailand National Film Association Award for Best Actor. How did you feel to be nominated, and won?

A: Fabulous! (laugh) I think that one of the reason that I won is that, I worked with passion. I am also graftful of the opportunity that they gave me.

Q: Everytime we meet, we’d see you in flashy clothing, as if it’s part of your character.

A: Sometime it’s something out of people assumption, that men should wear pants, despite when you havg out in myanmar, you’d see men wearing skirt everywhere. And since my family like dressing up, we’d have attire for winter, that my mother weaved by herself, and I thought it was cool, that it’s fashion. But in fact, - my mother told me - that we’re poor (laugh) so we had to make our own clothes,

Q: In your many plays. you’d talk about the incompleted love, and the self love, what about pressent?

A: (Squeal shyly) I believe that my love is beautiful (shy laugh) really I believes that the love that isn’t about posession is something that is so enormous it’s consuming. It’s a purest form of chemical concotion, the ideal world. And hella over the top.

The stage play is such a beautiful craft, in both spoken and body language, movement, gestures, are all related in a combination that would perfectly portray a character. Which @tom Actz took this opportunity to express Guk’s personality through the hella dazzling photoshoots for the column. Other than the picture turned out perfectly, he showed off three of this outfits that he made by himself, in only 30 minutes! It’s a conversation that you wouldn’t want to miss, both the words and behind the scene. Follow for more of gim at @tom Actz Magazine issue 3/16 this September, coming with outtake clips that you can find in our youtube channel: ATOMACTZ MAGAZINE OFFICIAL