• @Tom News
  • Mar 2017

Woonsen & Paula to become lesbians, shocking the circle.

By : Ruta
The trailer of Club Friday The Series 8 has been release, the episode 'True Love or just Hopeful' which tells the story of 'Zee' ('Woonsen' - Wiripita) and Kate, the mixed race model (Paula Taylor) About a subject of forbidden love, and while everything seems to go well, until one of them want to bear child and decided to have a relationship with another man, so that he would become a father without breaking off with Zee. But how would the story ends? Stay tuned to Club Friday The Series 8 one the first of April - GMM25, 20:30

Interestingly, though this is the first ever lesbian role for both, but judging from the trailer, the two seems to have a very believable chemistry, and this adds to the character's dimensions. Keep the hashtag going!