• @Tom News
  • Jul 2017

Pink Dot gathers the LGBT supporter, more than ever in Singapore

Photos : thehoneycombers.com
By : มานี
@ the 1st of this July, the LGBT folks and supporters from around singapore collectively wore pink for the Pink Dot festival, the annual pride movement of Singapore at Hong Lim Park. This time, held over 20,000 people, whose are singaporean, and 500 volunteer, despite no support and the prohibition of sponsorship of the foreign company by the state - in addition of disallowing the foreigner from attending the event, the power shown by the crowd is staggering.

Pink Dot Singapore 2016: The annual gay rights rally returns to Hong Lim Park in June
Pink Dot SG is an annual, non-profit, free-for-all event which started in 2009, in support of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Singapore. Attendees of Pink Dot events gather to form a 'pink dot' to show support for inclusiveness, diversity and the freedom to love. Aside from the titular formation, Pink Dot events usually also feature concert performances and community booths by organisations supporting the LGBT community and cause. Unlike previous years, only Singaporean citizens and permanent residents were permitted by the government to attend, requiring organizers to check identity cards. Also, foreign companies were not permitted to sponsor; 120 Singaporean companies sponsored the event.