• @Tom News
  • Oct 2016

Aum - Pitchaya Sukvibul and Opor - Puri Techawanich.

When someone mention Air Hostess profession, you’d picture dames with great body with nice smile, standing there to welcome you aboard the flying machine. But hole that expectation because we’re going to take you for a fly, not with beauty, but with a pair of dapper handsome Air Hostess. Yes that’s right. Both handsome and cute whom are; Aum - Pitchaya Sukvibul’ and Opor - Puri Techawanich. Two tomboy handsomeness Airline Hostess. And that one of this two become an owner of a restaurant with classy name ‘Flat Marble’. But how would it turn out? We’re keeping that a secret <3

@tom actz : But being an Air Hostress, you need to wear skirt all the time, bor a tomboy character isn’t that to feminine?

Aum: I don’t see it as male or female job, didn’t look at it like that. I see it as a career t

@tom actz : Do you feel embarassed, in this line of work?

Opal : Yes I am, very much. On my first day shooting at Nok Air, a captain first class called me to try on some outfits because it fits my look

@tom actz : Heard that you had your hair too short, so u solved it by using mascara

Aum : What! How’d you know that!? (panic) One time when I’m about to fly they told me that I can’t because my hair is way too short. I told them to wait a minute,

@tom actz : Tell us something fun about being air hostess.

Opal : There was one time when I was aboard, when the plane landed, the passengers would stand in queue waiting to get on, and I would stand there assisting people getting down. And there’s one passenger got in the toilet,

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