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  • Jan 2017

3 new Chinese queer Fim for Chinese New Year

By : ชีวิตผมก็เหมือนหนัง
After I've seen one of the ad in Taiwan newspaper about homosexual son who went back to his home in the new year just to be greeted with 'When will you wed?'. That is when I realised that every chinese new years occasion brings a hard to swallow situation to every gay male population, turning the day that is supposed to be filled with family warmth into awkwardness. So I decided to pick three new film (fresh out of the oven) that deals with the topic of family and homosexuality.

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (2013)
To be frank, a storyline of a young gay man decided to marry a woman to cover up his own gayness is such a cliche, but 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?' came up with a new format beautifully, because other than focusing one a husband-wife relationship, that husband happens to fall in love for an air steward, there's also a story about a runaway bride, and a dorking soon to be husband, alternating in between.
The charm of this movie is the usage of surreal footage that makes us audiences smile uncontrollably. In fact, there isn't much to these scene, but it's too damn cute to not mention, and with occasional humor thrown in, it's make a move that seems like an uncomfortable ride into a lighter one. I also liked its conclusion, and other than that, the character that is portrayed realistically. Once again that I've fallen in love with a Taiwan man. (Not that neat air steward, but a bigger guy, Richie Ren, wait I just looked it up, he plays a lead in 'Fly Me to Polaris' (1999) Hong Kong film that I really liked.
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Baby Steps (2015)
The work of Barney Cheng, both in direction and script. The Director-Actor from Taiwan who took inspiration from his relationship between his mother and himself. Mixed in with gay couple who adopted a child in israel, which becomes the Baby Steps, when Danny (Barney Cheng plays himself) having to carry the pressure from his parents that he is gay His mother seems to be accepting, but despite that, she kept the fact that her son is a homo a secret from other, and said plainly "The Lee family has come to an end". It could be a need for self validation of the mother, or a glimpse of her deep desire. But it inspires Danny to have his own chile through adoption. Even though Tate, his american lover isn't very supportive toward this decision, and when his mother learning that Danny will soon have a child, she bought a ticket and flew from Taiwan to LA in haste, only to face disappointment of knowing that, a child is in fact, an adopted child.

The movie's pace pararell with Danny's effort in adoption that comes with various obstacles what keeps storming in throughout the film. From mother's prejudice, Danny and Tate's differences, and the Adoptiong law controversy, and to find a woman who will go through the legal process for him, in which many sceces are successful in drawing smiles, laughes, and tears.

The cliche storyline and cinematography was carried by the outstanding acting of "GuaLei' who plays the mother. Also in conclusion that bring tears to my eyes eventhough it's cliche as hell. I was also surprised by the charm of Barney Cheng and Michael Adam Hamilton who playes Tate whom keeps shining toward the end of the film. From me feeling indifference toward them, turned into romantic and realistic in short span of second act.

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Front Cover (2016)

The love story of two men. One is a talented stylist in Hongkong. Another is an actor with bright future, from mainland china, and have to work together. Starting from being a rival, due to personality and culture difference, and above all, their both's stubborness. But then turned into understanding and falls in love. But is this really the conclusion of this relationship?

This is one innocent romantic comedy of two men that makes us smile, laugh, and on the edge of our seat, and let out mind wander with the movie more than having to sit through pressure and uncomfortable tension. Points are given to Jake Choi and James Chen who are dead adorable and makes us believe that they really falls in love. Especially when we see his through character, babaric and savage which is contradictory to the story.

As always, the director Ray Yeung made a jab at eastern - western culture / China - World / China - Hongkong subtry to add subtexts into it, just like what he did in 'Cut Sleeve Boys' but sometimes it's can be seen as paper thin and the coming out of closet concept gets overshadowed. Despite coming out looking to be an old trope, but when put in china's environment, and being an actor in entertainment circle, it becomes a more believable, and emphasise the fact that these subject never grow old and went anywhere. More interestingly, one of the family accepts their son sexuality, which gives a modern touch to the story as a whole

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