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  • Apr 2017

One Third of Americans Uncomfortable with LGBTQ Colleagues

By : มานี
The survey was fielded in November 2016 among 2,037 adults ages 18 and older, including 1,708 adults who self-identified as heterosexual. Out of the non-LGBTQ population surveyed

25% were uncomfortable seeing an LGBTQ co-worker’s wedding picture
27% were uncomfortable learning a family member is LGBTQ
28% were uncomfortable learning their child’s teacher is LGBTQ
28% were uncomfortable learning their doctor is LGBTQ
29% were uncomfortable seeing a same sex couple holding hands. 

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Though GLAAD notes that Trump’s presidency could potentially lead to a decrease in LGBTQ acceptance, they also gathered that 63% of 18-34 year olds identify today as allies, which could help diminish the workplace discrimination their findings uncovered.