• @Tom News
  • Jun 2017

Let's get to know Wildfang, an American apparel brand

Photos : wildfang.com
By : Ruta
These are the political (and, recently, fashionable) battle cries of women on the left – and now, female entrepreneurs capitalizing on a climate of mobilization and the tendency of millennials to wear their causes on their sleeves.

Wildfang (German for Tomboy) went through rapid success in a short time period, when Kate Moennig (Actress from The L Word) and a lesbian twin artist Tegan and Sara, and many more celebrity who has a taste for masculine clothing. And you need not to go to Portland, Oregon for it, you'd only need a few click into Wildfang.com now.
The line's permanent clothing is excellent as well, with options that unite interesting fabrics with cuts that morph to the wearer.