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  • Jul 2017

When totally masculine Pinij become dazzling Pauline~ The lessons

Photos : siamsport.co.th
By : Ruta
Here 'ye, sportfans of Thailand who stay tuned to the news. You probably have heard that Pinit Ngarmpring, former head of 'Thai Cheer Power', has underwent a major transformation. Sporting new look and name - as : 'Pauline Ngarmpring ( < which means fabulous by the way) and caused quite a controversy in the comment section. But this article is about what we could learn from this, as followed.

LGBT exists in every circles
One of the main cause that contributes to the controversy is that, football could argueably be called a manly-as-nail sport (Pinit entered the circle through his journalist career. He founded the Thai Cheering club, and the Cheerthai.com domain in 2001. Pinit then decided to run as a candidate of Thailand football club presidential campaign in 2013, and a candidate of Thailand National Leagure manager in 2016.) and just recently on the 3rd of June, it has just became official - as Pinit pose a new photo, along with changing his facebook name to Pauline Ngarmpring, and has moved to and established a restuarant business in San Francisco, USA

This event is another perfect validation, that LGBT exists in every circle, and that it's nothing to be surprised about anymore. Since it's not the first time a high profile figure would have such a significant breakthrough. Remember Bruce Jenner? National sensation pro-athlete, winner of many medals, a husband and a father of many children. Well as you may have known, the dude's Caitlyn Jenner now, one of the most influential transwoman in the world.
Bigotry and Keyboard warriors are still a thing
You're only a few click away from seeing the most putrid side of the human in internet. While we can say to ourself for our own comfort, that Thailand is one of the most accepting place in the world for LGBTQ - if we would only dwelve into a little bit of cherry picking, or just simply looking up the right hashtag on the matter, you'd see some of the most foul mouthed insults that are reeks of homophobia. Then again this could be a great opportunity for the LGBT to respond in kind and create understanding in the society (or the opposite, if you want to cherry pick it out.)

Is it appropriate to make a headline out of it.
Partly, in a way, reporting on such a thing could be a violation of private citizen's privacy, and may cause Pauline some discomfort. But in a certain point of view, it could be that when she explicitly change the facebook name and profile picture, she may have been prepared and ready for the publicity regarding the matter, or else she would have been more discreet perhaps.

To come out, is a process of self-acceptance, and pride. But in return, such move should be respected and well treated.