• @Tom News
  • Jun 2016

Nathan Oman

A pretty boy who has no chill. NATHAN OMAN the owner of multidimensional eyebrows who is coming in hotter than ember. #AYYLMAO

Even the coin have two sides, why can’t a pair eyebrows have sixteen dimensions. That’s right. Having raised a subject of a set of brows that is out of this puny human realm, you’d have guessed who we’re talking about. It’s no one else other than the legendary boy from nepal- oops! A pretty boy who has no chill. NATHAN OMAN the owner of multidimensional eyebrows who is coming in hotter than ember. It is certain that this person isn’t your ordinary star who would have a seat and have an awkward conversation. It’s so out of trend. This time is the time of revelation. Straight questions for straight answer of a non-straight man. No secret no shyness. But first, we’ll talk about the atmosphere of the fashion shooting for ‘Talkative’ column in the @tom actz magazine first. Nathan arrived on set earlier than the appointed time, step off his car with Miss Goong, his personal manager. Nathan arrived with a prepared face, hair, and above all, brows. This is probably the first time that @tom actz don’t have to fetch a makeup artist for the job. And when he put on the outfit, the shooting then started. Who would have thought that the fierce dashing look that we saw through various medias, has plentiful amount shyness underneath. The kind that required a lot of encouragement for a sexy pose in the photoshoot. What impressive is that his patience and focus in the work is spot on, because the crystal gown that is glistening in the set, not only dazzling but also very heavy, but not a single mutter of complaint was heard. It’s another perspective on him that only a few people has experienced, which is a fascination thing that @tom actz would like to share with you readers, with an excerpt of the spicy interview.

When did the secret of your gayness has surfaced?
Tsunami! I’ll have to say this first; at that time I have to be someone that I’m not. Actually I am an islam…

Before your conviction, how bad was it?
It IS really bad. Because I was hunted by everyone. It’s like getting hit by the car, tie my up both wrist and feet, then throw me off the bridge. I am drowning alone and had no way to signal those on the surface even though there’s a lot of people up there. Something like that...

But until now you’re still branded as Nathan the liar.
I was upset in the first month but not anymore. I just don’t care. Because I set out to be a new person. we have forgive and forget, and examine yourself and your action. If I hadn’t got convicted, I might be a lot worse than this. I probably keep lying. And sincerely I don’t blame anyone but myself. Once a senior model asked me if I have a place to stand in the industry. A place to stand? Would you kindly point it out for me…

It seems that you’re still present in the entertainment industry
Indeed. They still spew news about me. Despise me as they are, they still keep in touch with my life. When I was freed for not too long, I went to P.Shi’s birthday. There’s still media press asking me questions like “Nathan, you want to return to entertainment circle? Do you have a place to stand?” you’re still asking me for interview, am I not in the circle?

How’s your love life now?
It’s all good and well now. I used to feel excited. P.Zhen is someone I never expected to date. I met him in the concert, even before my conviction. I was Nathan at the time, still have that masculine look. He was afraid of me, he’s my fan but was afraid regardless.

This is just an appetizer, and a spiteful taste still lingers. The straight answers that went deep into many subjects, both before his fame, the path to music industry, coming out, and the revelation. Life in the prison, romance, and above all, the legendary eyebrows. Dig deep with us in the column ‘Talkative’ in @tom actz Magazine that will be on shelf this june!