• @Tom News
  • Apr 2017

AMMY Amolwan and her 'Big tiddies and a heart of hubby'

Photos : @mmyamalawan
By : Ruta
It because quite a shock, drawing feedback in both positive and negative light, when a hottie who made her fame from sexy modeling, who is also a girlfriend of 'Ammy - Amolwan' post an instagram caption, explicitly declared that she changed her mind and started dating women! In addition of live call screenshot and one sentence to rule them all: 'Big tiddies with a heart of hubby'. I sh*t you not.

But not too long after blowing the media up with her exploits, she declared herself single again, a peaceful saperation as she stated. And even showed her chat logs with a mysterious girl, with caption saying that they aren't a 'thing' yet. But stay tuned anyway, who will be a lucky girl to be with Ammy 'Big Tiddies with a heart of Hubby' Amolwan!

See more of her @ IG : mmyamalawan/