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  • Mar 2017

Deceased Alexis Arquette Was Left Out of oscar's 'In Memoriam' Montage

By : มานี
During Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony, the wrong Best Picture winner was called out by presenter Faye Dunaway, a photo of living producer was displayed during the “In Memoriam” segment, and among the notable celebrities who died in the past year missing from that montage were Garry Shandling, Florence Henderson, and Alexis Arquette, who appeared in such films as Pulp Fiction, The Wedding Singer, and Last Exit to Brooklyn.

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“I was really pissed off the academy left out my sister Alexis in the memoriam, because Alexis had a great body of work, but Alexis was one of very few trans artists that worked in the business,” she told ABC News  “At a time when we have trans kids that can’t even go to the bathroom at school, you would think the academy would have a little bit more respect for a group of people that are murdered, and trans women of color are most likely to live in extreme poverty, making $800 a month, so I think the Oscars have a lot of learning to do.”