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  • Jul 2017

A Lesbo characters who aren't just a set decoration in: Rough Night

By : ชีวิตผมก็เหมือนหนัง
They say there are two types of Scarlett Johansson fans: those who picture her in pink underwear in Sofia Coppola's dreamy debut, and those who think of black leather rather than blush-colored garments — fans of Black Widow and her skintight combat suits. Yet while the Danish-American actress has proven the extent of her skills both in dramatic indies and splashy, action-packed blockbusters, we hear little of her comedic talent. This risible film shows that lowbrow comedies starring women can be as idiotic as those starring men.

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Following the template of last year’s cliched Bad Moms , Rough Night ups the ante by featuring cocaine use, an accidental death, and some unappealing penis masks. A film in which the girls go at it hell for leather while the boys wimp out at a wine tasting seems like a winner on paper, but the result here is just plain dumb.