• @Tom News
  • Jan 2017

Young woman decided to pour her heart out in to a video clip.

By : Ruta
Lyra Mckee grown up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She stated that the place has "hostile Environment" toward lesbians, and that pushed her to write a blog, about the pressure she experienced, and has just recently became viral in the social media, when she made a video clip, in a form of short film, 7.33 minutes in length, and posted it on her blog. Which portrays the life of a lesbian girl, amidst the strict christian community.

She talked about her inspiration: "I want to address the local priests, who labels the gays as sinful, especially lesbians who has it worse. It makes me feel like garbage, and has been severely affected by his words. Because I know many other people, and what they had to go through, who feels trapped in their own body. What fascinated me is that there's one E-mail sent to me, stating that 'I wish my children won't have to feel like you do if you happen to be gay or lesbian. They should know that they always have love and warmth from their family."

You can watch her short film here: