• @Tom News
  • Feb-Mar 2017

Saipan Apinya, and her new masculine look

By : TT
So hot we couldn't help but to award her with an imaginary 'Husband of the year' award, for the actress 'Saipan - Apinya' has cut her hair short. He tomboy look so spicy, Lady - Lass  (not to mention her Tom fanclub everywhere). This is considered one of the best Tom-look transformation of 2017 - and this is just February!

And when the boyish look get combined with her big lovely eyes, the only exclaimation that can be exclaimed is Hoo lee cow! How bout dah! Little to senior ladies - dont stare too long for you eyes may melt out of your sockets. I'm kidding, or am I. Although she isn't LGBT as we are, and that she's not free, but then again, we know that santa isn't real, but we still love to open his presents.

She also wouldn't mind our community to be her hysterical fans, because she has played a role of Lesbian in "1448 Love Among us" so she would understand. Totally. We made an assumption based on exactly that.