• @Tom News
  • Mar 2017

Pa,Top being generous, adopted Yooyee's children

By : TT
When we talk about 'Pa'Top Parinya - We probably sees a high-living billionaire, but as it turns out, he might as well be a saint! - actually let's not over exaggerate it - a morally decent individual, yes? Judging from the surface of his character, he may seem loud and rude, making him a controversial figure. But he's actually a good yidde yadda...

Looking back to the former sexy supermodel 'YooYee Alisa' who went full cokehead and had to stay in the mainline joint for the most of what remains of her life. We don't want to get into too much detail - but she does have our best regard - Staying in greybar hotel for 15 years and 3 months can't be easy. in addition of having to leave her three kids behind. That's why Pa.Top decided to adopt her three kids since 2011.

Pa.Top has known Yooyee since her better days, since when she was in her rehab, while Pa.Top being her adviser, until she finally give up the substances. And that's how they became close friends.

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