• @Tom News
  • May-Jun 2017

The feedback of the Hubby of the Century fashion set, 'Saipan - Apinya'

By : Ruta
Saipan has stated that there's often weird comments from Tom Dee Lez popping up on her Instagram dashboard, so let's see how well her fashion set of issue 2/17 fare, by looking at the comment section! It's peepin time. 


What about now? After you had the haircut, there was a lot of fangirling happened, is it like when you were flirted by the men?
(laugh) It’s different! Women shows it a lot more. Because no men ever show up in the comment section saying “Ma bae!” or something of sort. There’s only women who would go like “Ma hubby!” (laugh) I don’t feel creeped out of anything though, because it shows that the country is now open of this sort of stuff. It’s still funny though.



I guess it's safe to call it, critically acclaimed! More @ IG: apinnya