• @Tom News
  • Jun 2017

A lesbian couple and their love story in the ARIZONA newest Music Video

Photos : A R I Z O N A
By : Ruta
A music video that warms the Tom Dee Lez's heart, truly. When a rock band ARIZONA release a song 'Electric Touch', along with it's video that expresses the love between Hailee and Carley whom has been together for four years, and this is their story.
MV starts off with a photo of ARIZONA band and a brief message that says "on our 2017 tour, we recieved a letter... Hello my name is Hailee and I am with my girlfriend for 4 years, and had been through up and down for a while, and your song bought us back together.

And for this letter, the ARIZONA invited the two for the music video, featuring the full letter. For those who are curious, you can watch it here.