• @Tom News
  • Jun 2017

Lesbo topic, in the song : Bad Liar - Newest from Selena Gomez

Photos : Selena Gomez
By : Ruta

Selena Gomez puts her acting chops to the test in the just released music video for her latest single “Bad Liar“! In the ’70′s-themed clip, the 24-year-old actress and singer plays multiple roles – a student, both the student’s parents, and the woman the student’s father is having a maybe-affair with, who she also has a crush on.

Toward the end, the teenage wallflower finally lets loose in her room, dancing around and singing as the song crescendos. Then Mom Gomez knocks on the door, and Daughter Gomez pretends to be asleep on the bed. When she’s alone again, she takes a Polaroid out, caressing it lovingly. The picture is of another Selena character — but you’ll have to watch to find out which one. Adding to the mystery is a title card at the very end that says “COMING SOON / FETISH” — a sun-kissed Gomez mouths the latter directly to the camera — hinting that a new single or album might be on its way.