• @Tom News
  • Apr 2017

Is Silom Song Kran truly a safe space for LGBT?

By : Ruta
Not only the night walk of Silom streets that is notorious for being an LGBTQ territory, or a gay district to be specific. But when the splashy holiday comes, it became a place known as the Trans-Gay watery battlefield, whose come out and let it all out in revealing clothes, shooting stream of water.. However we found something more when we truly see the scene of destruction for ourselves.
From 12:00 to 20:00. the street has been officially closed to make room for the people to commence a dihydrogen monoxide orgy that looks like a scene from Purge: Anarchy if it was a PG-13 movie. By the sidewalk, various market stalled was opened to make profit on the crowd, many foreigner has traveled to Bangkok to participate in the purge fun activities. There's an interesting spot between the Silom Alley two and four, that is a group of men who are - by the first glance - gay men who are having fun splashing about, blasting the speakers with loud pop musics, wearing next to nothing - sporting beautifully constructed muscles, amongest the trans girls who made quite a flashy scene, laughing and dancing.
However, if we look deeper and with cynicism color glasses, we can see a light layer of homophobia surrounding men and women tourist, of any nationality, showing wide variety of facial expression, shook their heads subtly and quickly leave the area, devoid of any kind of smile on their face. These things shows something. Most likely arkwardness, most definitely. Other example is when 'Jai - Shera' or 'Thailand Madonna' walked the street of silom in an outfit that is only second of USA 14th beauty peagent contestant who dressed up as an optimus prime. She got bukkake'd be a barrage of high pressure water cannon, not in a fun way, but in a clear intent to hurt and embarass her.

She got 'What did I ever do to you' written all over her face. It's surprising that a safespace for LGBTQ of the world has been invaded by a train of hatred, there may not truly be a place for us at all.