• @Tom News
  • Aug 2016

Internet Battlefield record : #Notyourshield vs #Gamergate

Source : #NotyourShield, #Gamergate
Photos : Google Image
By : @tom Actz Editorial

Street marching, congressional protesting, is a few examples of the way of fighting that usually goes on peacefully. (mostly anyway) But now we’re talking about the same fight, same ultimate goal, but on a different battlefield. In the place that brings out the worst in people. A lawless wasteland called Internet.

Every webboard, every single social network, burst into flame with just a mere mention of this single sensitive topic: feminism. This has just recently became a worldwide sensation and controversy, stems from one woman named Anita Sarkeesian, who came to spread her words about women in Pop Culture (Films, Music Video, Games, Comic book) being portrayed as sexual object, being used by male, have perfect body (causing insecurity) dress in revealing clothes, being just a supporting character, easily casted aside, and generally less in number compared to male counterpart. And with this very topic, that gave Anita millions of followers and became one of the most influential icon in the media in a very short time. This simple point stems to the subject of inequality, wage gap, job opportunity difference of two gender. The counter wave of this trend emerged just as fast, mostly saying that women protest just because they’re playing ‘victim’ role for social benefit and privilege, the death threat was sent, insult and harassment was thrown at either side. And ultimately turned into the greatest drama flame war in the history of the internet, involving numerous journalist, celebrities, and internet idols who became the masthead of this war, some profit from the conflict, some trying to gain fame, and it is still going on to this day. You can see the ongoing war right now by searching for hashtag #Notyourshield for feminist side and #Gamergate for male anti-feminist side.


The problem of internet flame war is, both side can show their opinion that is accessible by anyone unfiltered, making them sounds raw and extreme in some cases, causing more hatred toward either side, discrediting every cause. What we can learn from this mess is that there are bad apples in every batch, and think before you type in your thought, because know that, everyone can see it. #ThinkBeforeYouPost that is all.